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QAG Supplier Quality Control services are all about monitoring, controlling, and inspecting product quality across your supplier’s production cycle – supplier selection, materials sourcing, production, assembly, final product inspection, testing, and packaging. They are about giving you total involvement with your supplier’s production processes so that you can provide feedback and collaboratively work with them to prevent product defects, delays, wastage and excess costs.


No matter what product you have, we’ll have the perfect quality control tools for you. And if you’re not sure which one to use, you can contact us for a discussion. We’ll be more than happy to help you.


Check and verify before you buy. Our factory audits enable you to verify your potential supplier’s certifications and qualifications. You’ll also be able to assess their manufacturing capabilities, technologies, quality control processes, financial stability, management, and production personnel.


Detect, contain, and minimize quality problems before your production reaches the advanced stages. We offer random inspections, first article inspections, pre-shipment inspections, during production inspections (DUPRO), and initial production checks (IPC). Our inspections are on-demand and tailored to your product specifications. At QAG, there is no default approach as each product is unique and has its own specific requirements.
Not sure what to use? Contact us.


Proactive quality risk prevention. Inspections react to a quality problem,but production monitoring prevents them from arising. We act as your quality control representative at your supplier’s premises and provide you with constant monitoring and feedback of their work. We create a communication loop and feedback loop with your supplier so that quality problems can be solved using an iterative and collaborative approach.




QAG Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) services is an escalation of our product inspection and audit services. We go beyond managing your supplier’s quality on a product-by-product basis to providing a strategic to help developing your supplier’s quality management systems and capabilities. Our aims are to improve supplier performance so that you can get zero defect, world-class quality products.



Every primary supplier uses multiple sub-suppliers or component suppliers to make their products. It’s rare for them to make all the components themselves. This means that though you’ve only engaged with one supplier, your product is going to contain hundreds of components made by secondary suppliers who you’ll never meet. You may not even know that they exist.

That’s a big quality problem for you. Your contract is with the primary supplier, not with the secondary suppliers, so you have no control over them. The secondary suppliers answer to your supplier and have no interest in your product, let alone your quality expectations. They just want to fill their purchase orders.

Disruptions to your hidden suppliers’ production can also have huge impacts on your primary suppliers.
We can help you overcome this problem by identifying your suppliers’ sub-suppliers, auditing them, verifying their components’ quality, and working with your primary supplier to enforce your quality expectations on your contractors and sub-contractors.


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